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December 8, 2020

Ford must listen to Hamiltonians, and stop his attack on our environment before it’s too late

MPP Sandy Shaw (Hamilton West—Ancaster—Dundas) is urging Doug Ford to listen to the voices of Ontarians, and reverse his shameless attempt to gut local conservation authorities, that will put the p... More
December 8, 2020

$12 billion Ford is withholding could have helped stop the spread, saved lives

The $12 billion Doug Ford has been withholding from the people of Ontario could be making a big difference in stopping the spread, and saving lives said MPP Sara Singh.   The fact that Ford is sitt... More
May 7, 2020

MPP Shaw Calls for Non-Partisan Committee on Ontario’s Economic Recovery

QUEEN’S PARK – MPPs Catherine Fife and Sandy Shaw are calling on the government to strike an all-party select committee on the economic recovery from COVID-19.     More
December 19, 2019

Sandy Shaw comments on proposal to extend water bottling permit moratorium

MPP Sandy Shaw joined dozens of constituents in exercising her environmental rights and commenting in favour of the proposal to extend to moratorium on Water Bottling Permits in Ontario. You can re... More
November 27, 2019

MPP Shaw files Freedom of Information request demanding answers on Cootes Contamination

We deserve to know What's in our Water. MPP Shaw filed a freedom of information request with the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks to demand answers. The text of the FOI request can be... More
November 21, 2019

MPP Shaw writes to Minister of Environment asking for Accountability regarding Cootes Contamination

MPP Shaw wrote to the Minister of Environment Conservation and Parks requesting full transparency from to Ministry to Hamiltonian regarding this shocking spill.You can read the letter here:  More
March 12, 2019

Sandy Shaw speaks out against cuts to Ancaster Arts Centre

Local Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas NDP MPP Sandy Shaw is speaking out against Doug Ford’s $3-million cut to the Ancaster Arts Centre. Shaw released the following statement: More
March 4, 2019

Sandy Shaw calls for Judicial Review of Red Hill Valley Parkway Safety

It’s time to do what should have been done at the first sign of substandard safety: get to work making the Red Hill Valley Parkway safe for everyone. More
February 13, 2019

Ford's spending freeze leaves some critical services in limbo

Today's ominous re-announcement of a spending freeze by Doug Ford has left people worried about which services are being cut, as organizations like sexual assault centres and child care centres won... More
December 10, 2018

Shaw Calls out Government Fear Mongering over Inflated Deficit

Sandy Shaw said that Monday’s report from the Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) proves that the Government has inflated Ontario’s deficit number, and they are using that figure to justify cutt... More