Sandy Shaw MPP, Hamilton West–Ancaster–Dundas

Government of Ontario

Shaw Calls out Government Fear Mongering over Inflated Deficit

Published on December 10, 2018

Sandy Shaw said that Monday’s report from the Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) proves that the Government has inflated Ontario’s deficit number, and they are using that figure to justify cutting billions of dollars in spending from things like health care — services that help real people in the province.


The FAO found that Doug Ford overstated Ontario’s deficit by at least $2.2 billion. “Doug Ford is manufacturing a crisis to justify deep, deep cuts to the things we need and deserve, like health care, repairs to our children’s schools and social services,” said Shaw. “But while he tells most people the cupboards are bare in order to justify his cuts, he’s quietly giving massive tax breaks to his wealthy friends.”

The FAO found that Ford’s tax cuts and other revenue problems will mean balancing the budget requires an eight per cent cut in per capita spending. That means the Ford plan will result in $13.7 billion in cuts by 2022-23.

Shaw said Ford’s priorities are wrong – that he’s making things easier for his wealthy insiders while the rest of us pay the price. “Doug Ford is continuing to put his political interests ahead of the needs of everyday families. He threw away $1.7 billion in annual revenue by scrapping cap and trade to help the biggest polluters. He gifted the highest income earners a $275 million tax break. He gave plush appointments to some of his closet political allies. Yet, when it comes time to fund mental health or new universities Ford tells the rest of us that the cupboards are bare. “Ontario families deserve so much better than a government that values insider politics over real people.”