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Century Manor Petition

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Designated as a Heritage Site under the Ontario Heritage Act, Century Manor was built in 1884 as the East House for the Hamilton Asylum for the Insane.  This Victorian Gothic building’s future is now at risk.

The Ontario Government used a Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) to rezone the 500-acre property. 

This potentially will allow this government and/or developers to demolish a designated Heritage Site and claim 12.5-hectares of green space without consultation.

This unpopular MZO was imposed on local residents without warning.

A Minister’s Zoning Order may also exempt developers from holding public hearings and allow them to bypass local planning processes. As such, we are concerned that residents will be left out of the development planning process that will permanently re-shape their neighbourhoods.

The provincial government has ignored the city's broader vision for the land and does not consider the input of the community.

We call on the Ontario Government to honour the heritage designation of Century Manor and rescind the Minister’s Zoning Order. We want democratic accountability and public consultation.

Public lands must not be sold without public approval.

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