Sandy Shaw MPP, Hamilton West–Ancaster–Dundas

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Cootes Paradise

Cootes Paradise Water Accountability Act

I am happy to share that I have tabled the Cootes Paradise Water Accountability Act. This Bill marks a first step in better protecting our water. We have a right to know what’s in our water. Our community’s passionate response to 4 years of sewage seeping into Cootes Paradise has demonstrated that we are committed to protect our water. This bill would make it easier for citizen led environmental action to respond and organize around spills in our community. By ensuring Ontarians are immediately informed about what’s happening to our waterways, we are empowered to act. We all have a responsibility to our water because #WaterisLife. 

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Cootes Paradise Sewage Spill Cleanup

How is this acceptable? Study commissioned says there is no reason to clean up #CootesParadise because it will just happen again. We need to radically rethink our relationship with our natural environment. We need to protect our water! 

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Clean up of Cootes Paradise should not be optional. We all have a responsibility to our water and that includes our governments:


Cootes Paradise Sewage Spill

Yesterday [November 20th 2019] Hamiltonians learned that 24 Billion Litres of untreated sewage has been seeping undetected over four years into Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise. Today, I asked this government why the Minister of Environment didn’t take action to ensure we the public were made aware.The people of Hamilton deserve full transparency on what happened to Cootes Paradise. Pursuant to Standing Orders I filed my dissatisfaction with the answer provided this morning. Ontarians have a right to know what’s in our water.

Cootes Contamination Update #1: I have written Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks requesting he publicly release all information regarding the contamination of Cootes Paradise.

Cootes Contamination Update #2RBG Canada provided me with a tour of affected areas this morning. It was important to hear from them directly, how this incident has impacted our natural environment. We will continue to keep everyone informed and updated.    
Cootes Contamination Update #3: Toured the CSO and viewed the “gate in question”. Thank you to city staff for taking time to educate & explain a complex system. Hamiltonians deserve answers and hoping the Ministry of Environment will be as accountable.


Cootes Contamination Update #4: Today I asked the Premier again why did the Ministry not notify residents of Hamilton or the Royal Botanical Gardens directly with the details of this incredibly concerning contamination. People have a right to know what's in their water! The Province has a responsibility to protect the people of Ontario! The Ministry has the power to notify the public about health and environmental risks. Why were the people of Hamilton not notified by any level of government?


In the Media - MPP Sandy Shaw Slams Ministry over Hamilton Sewage Spill:


Cootes Contamination Update #5: My Freedom of Information Request to the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks. We deserve to know what’s in our water!

Cootes Contamination Update #6: To the people of Hamilton I share your rage, I share your heart break. Last night I rose in the house to discuss my dissatisfaction with the lack of answer provided when asked the Premier what steps the Ministry took to inform the public. Hamiltonians deserve to know what's in our water! Ontarians deserve to know what's in our water! It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment to protect our water.


Cootes Contamination Update #7: People deserve straight answers not comments from the Minister to the media. This government’s attempt to wash their hands of all of this is appalling.