Sandy Shaw MPP, Hamilton West–Ancaster–Dundas

Government of Ontario

Ensure No Community is left Behind

Almost 7000 Hamiltonians have contracted COVID-19, 193 of our parents, loved ones, and neighbours have lost their lives, with most deaths resulting from Long Term Care home outbreaks. The Provincial government has committed to ensuring that all residents, health care workers and essential caregivers at long-term care homes in the priority regions of Toronto, Peel, York and Windsor-Essex receive a COVID-19 vaccination by January 21, 2021. Hamilton is the only grey zone left out of the accelerated plan. 

Currently 16 homes are in outbreak including Grace Villa with 231 infections and 42 deaths and Shalom Village with 184 cases and 19 deaths. Why does Hamilton or any community have to wait to receive vital support? No long-term care home should be considered a non-priority. With more than 100,000 vaccines sitting in freezers and more on the way every week, and $12 billion in unspent COVID relief funds we should be able to provide vaccinations in every LTC home in the province before the end of January.

Add your name to recall the legislature and ensure our government develops a vaccination plan that leaves no community behind. 


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